Thursday, October 31, 2013

How it began

November 4, 2010

For kindergarten, my daughter (oldest child) had a very funny and very laid back teacher.  When she was sick for the first time, my wife told me I needed to write her a sick note.  This really startled me.  Sure, maybe I was technically old enough to be writing a sick note, but I still felt like I was doing something wrong.  Sick notes were always the official document that got you past the border guards and back into the gulag.  If I was writing one, then I had become part of the machinery!  That means I'm OLD!  So, I had a lot of trouble taking it seriously.  Also, I kept flashing back to old reruns of Welcome Back Kotter and the kid, Epstein, who always brought notes to the teacher signed, "Epstein's Mother." 

After I wrote this, my lovely wife officially doomed me for the rest of my children's school career by posting it to Facebook.  I believe it was the most comments she had gotten on a post up to that point. 

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