Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Trap Closes Around Me

January 18, 2011

When Sophie was out sick the second time in kindergarten, my wife casually mentioned this to a couple friends.  Both asked if I was going to write a funny sick note.  Sure, what can it hurt, I thought, in a moment of naivete.  The response on Facebook for my wife's posting was much bigger than the last one.  I suddenly realized that this had become a "thing."  If I ever failed to write another humorous sick note, I would now let down legions of our friends and get eternal grief.  The shackles had truly closed. 

In case you can't read my handwriting:

Lord Rutz,

I most humbly beg forgiveness that Squire Sophia missed her knightly training.  After the Harvest she was forced to defend our homeland and demesne from the evil brigand known only as "Fever."  As she has shown great Honor and Fortitude in her struggles, I trust you will allow her to resume her studies.  If the three fatted calves I have sent along are not suitable tithe, please so inform me.

Humble Regards,
Lord Hawkins of Timberline

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